Intensive Interaction Institute - Training

Since his work on developing the approach, Dave Hewett has been delivering courses on Intensive Interaction for more than twenty-five years, all over the UK and increasingly world-wide. We now have a team of associates around Dave who deliver a range of courses and services. Our courses are designed to be accessible to practitioners of all disciplines and to parents and family members. Choose below for details on work-based INSET or in-service training in the UK or abroad, or for open-access courses where you can sign up to attend events in various locations around the UK.

Make sure that your training on Intensive Interaction is from an approved Intensive Interaction Institute trainer. We are dedicated to providing training from highly trained and knowledgeable authorities on Intensive Interaction. We do not licence independent commercial trainers. Please make sure you are getting the real thing.

The following courses take place on various dates and at various locations around the UK

Open Access Introduction Courses

(One Day)

If you are a parent, carer or professional working with people who are at early stages of communication development these introductory courses will enable you learn about the approach in an enjoyable and engaging way

Introduction to Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction for People with PMLD

Intensive Interaction for People with Autism

Intensive Interaction for people who speak

Good Practice Course

(3 Mentored Study Days over 6 months)

These courses are aimed at parents/carers and professional practitioners who wish to develop their skills and expertise once they have had some experience based on the introductory courses. There are limited places on these courses in order to give each student the support they need throughout the six months duration.

Co-ordinators Course

(7x3 Day Residential Mentored Study Blocks over 15 months)

The Co-ordinators' Course is aimed at those parents/carers and other practitioners who wish to develop even further what has been learned and put into practice from previous courses. Successful completion of this course also enables graduates who are professional practitioners to support others in their own workplace. Places are limited on these courses in order to give sufficient support to each student for the fifteen months duration.

Contact the Events Office for enquiries about the open access courses listed above

Contact the Events Office for enquiries about the Open Access Courses

If the dates of the courses currently available are not suitable for you, please use this form to contact the Events Office with any request you may have

The following courses take place as part of INSET or in-service training worldwide

In-House Training

(Duration and content according to individual establishment requirements)

Please contact us using the form below with a brief description of your requirements. We will then get in touch with you to start the process of putting together a package based on those requirements.

Below are examples of the type of training we can offer:

  • Intensive Interaction Introduction Course – one or two days
  • Intensive Interaction ‘Hands-on’ Consultation Day
    (we come and work with front-line staff and students/service users)
  • Intensive Interaction Follow-up Day
  • Intensive Interaction for People who have Autism
  • Intensive Interaction and People with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities
  • Intensive Interaction for Parents and Families
  • Intensive Interaction Workplace Implementation Programme
  • Intensive Interaction Good Practice Course
  • Intensive Interaction Coordinator Course

Contact the Main Office for enquiries about the training opportunities listed above

Contact the Main Office for In-House Training Enquiries

If you would like to know more about our in-house offers, please use this form to contact the Main Office with any request you may have

Please give us a telephone number where we can contact you. Please use the International System - eg in the UK this would be 0044 208 XXX XXXX