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This is what people have to say about their experience of Intensive Interaction

Sam 270x270
Intensive Interaction has had an impact on the whole family. Everybody is doing it with Henry and everybody feels they have a part in the conversation with him. They all feel part of his life.


Mother to Henry - 2yrs old - with autism

Sara 270x270

Intensive Interaction gave us our little boy back.


Mother to Tom

Sonia & Luke 270x270
It’s amazing the difference Intensive Interaction has had on my son Luke. He has gained social skills that will enhance the rest of his life. The health professionals who know him cannot believe that he’s progressed so far.


Parent & Support Manager, Brandon Trust

Rosie Mockford 270x270
Intensive Interaction has helped me build a connection with my older brother that I previously didn't realise was possible, and it has helped me to understand him better. It has transformed our lives!



Intensive Interaction logo with R centre right 270x270

Using intensive interaction opened a world of communication, play and understanding one another. Intensive Interaction has given Zak the confidence to thrive in his own way and at his own time and has given him the confidence to be who he is today.


Mother to Zak

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Intensive Interaction

Dr Dave Hewett OBE

Intensive Interaction is an approach designed to help people at early levels of development, people who have autism, people who have severe, profound or complex learning difficulties. Intensive Interaction works on early interaction abilities - how to enjoy being with other people - to relate, interact, know, understand and practice communication routines.

Intensive Interaction teaches and develops the ‘Fundamentals of Communication’, attainments such as: use and understanding of eye contacts, facial expressions, vocalisations leading to speech, taking turns in exchanges of conversation and the structure of conversation.

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