Reflective Practitioner - Module 2

Develop and implement expertise


This Module follows the Introduction Course - Module 1 - and will enable you to begin to use and apply reflective skills to your professional practice

This Module of the Intensive Interaction training programme is aimed at practitioners who wish to improve the way they interact by reflecting on their current Intensive Interaction practice

This Module is also a stepping stone for those who may wish to move on to Practitioner Mentor - Module 3 in the future

Intensive Interaction Reflective Practitioner

3 - 6 months online - avoiding major holiday periods

includes 3 mentored study full days

Module 2

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Recap of Intensive Interaction - Module 1

The Experiential Learning Cycle.

The Intensive Interaction ‘video feedback protocol’ on Intensive Interaction practice.

Video-evaluations of individual practice in relation to the protocol.

Reflective exercises in partnership with fellow trainees in developing reflective skills.

How to apply


You will need to attend a General or Specialist Introduction Course in order to be eligible to enrol on the Intensive Interaction Reflective Practitioner Module.

Enrolment on this Module is also open to those who have participated in a General or Specialist Introduction Course within 2 years of applying.

The process

In order to enrol on Module 2 you will need to achieve a minimum score of 15/20 (75%) in the following multiple-choice questions as part of your Module 1 assessment.

Complete and submit this form - you will be asked to enter the Introduction: Module 1 course you attended

1Important information
2You & your course
3Questions 1 - 5
4Questions 6 - 10
5Your consent


The Intensive Interaction Institute has developed a Modular approach to the certification of Practitioners, Mentors and In-service Trainers.


The Modules are:

  • Module 1: one of the following full day Introduction Courses:
    • 'Introduction to Intensive Interaction'
    • 'Intensive Interaction for people with autism'
    • 'Intensive Interaction for people with pmld'
    • 'Intensive Interaction for people who speak'
  • Module 2: the Reflective Practitioner
  • Module 3: the Mentoring Practitioner
  • Module 4: the In-service Trainer

The progression route is to successfully complete each Module before embarking on the next.


As someone who has attended an Introduction Course (Module 1) you will have the opportunity to move on to Module 2 (the Reflective Practitioner) within two years of the course you attended .


In order to enrol on Module 2 you will need to achieve a minimum score of 15/20 (75%) in the following multiple-choice questions as part of your Module 1 assessment.


You may wish to refer to the handouts you were given on your Introduction Course in choosing your answers



We will endeavour to send you feedback within 2 weeks, and if successful, instructions on how to enrol on the next available Reflective Practitioner Course

Certification valid for 2 years following successful completion with further opportunities for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a Practitioner and/or eligibility for entry to Practitioner Mentor - Module 3