Intensive Interaction Institute - What the Institute does

Intensive Interaction Institute Mission Statement

To define, develop and disseminate the theory and practice of Intensive Interaction

What the Institute does

  • Makes available a continuously developing range of courses, both open-access and within service
  • Provides on-site consultation services to support implementation of Intensive interaction practice
  • Provides and supports training and development in countries around the world
  • Provides speakers to conferences in UK and around the world
  • Annual UK National Conference
  • Writing - members produce books, academic articles, DVDs, training materials, other supportive and explanatory materials
  • Consultation service for parents
  • The Intensive Interaction website
  • Regular newsletter
  • Fosters and leads worldwide 'community of practice'
  • Runs 3 Facebook groups and other social media
  • Supports graduate students conducting Intensive Interaction research projects