The Intensive Interaction Classroom Guide


This book is a practical guide to implementing the Intensive Interaction Approach in a school setting and provides essential technical support to teachers and practitioners from nursery to Post-16 who want to embed it into their classroom practice. Geared mainly towards supporting children with communication and social-communication difficulties arising from autism or learning difficulties, the principles apply equally to students of all levels of cognitive ability who struggle with social situations and emotional or sensory regulation.

The Intensive Interaction Classroom Guide brings together contributions from experienced teachers, teaching assistants, and headteachers, who reflect on their practice and share practical tips to facilitate social-communication development within a nurturing classroom environment. Offering practical advice on curriculum and pedagogy and drawing on case studies, authors address key themes on a practical level, while grounding their discussions theoretically and methodologically.

Filled with practical advice and techniques, this book will be essential to anyone working in classroom settings with students who experience social-communication difficulties or need a nurturing approach to emotional well-being.

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