Intensive Interaction Institute - Intensive Interaction for people who speak

Meeting the fundamental communication needs of people who speak

Intensive Interaction is for people who are at the earliest stages of communication development.

This includes many people who are speaking or starting to speak.

Intensive Interaction focuses on some central effects of autism.

Who should attend

This one day course is for anyone who is involved in the care, support or education of children or adults with Autism

  • Support staff
  • Parents and family
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Teachers and Teaching Assistants
  • Service Managers
  • Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists
  • Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists
  • Learning disability nurses

Course Aims

Many people who have autism may be speaking at various levels of sophistication, yet still have significant difficulties with social communication and the Fundamentals of Communication. Intensive Interaction focuses on social communication, increases posi-tive interactions and develops the Fundamentals of Communication.

Course Programme includes

  • The nature of social communication and its impact on psychological and emotional well-being.
  • The Fundamentals of Communication – why Intensive Interaction is so important.
  • Principles of Intensive Interaction and how to use them with people who can speak, yet need more experience with social contact, turn-taking, eye contacts, facial expressions and non-verbal communication.
  • Videos showing children and adults with autism making progress developing social and emotional connections, enjoying interactions, learning to communicate using vocalisations, facial expressions and gesture, becoming relaxed, making eye contact (and much more!).
  • Integrating Intensive Interaction principles into a day where the person already has many clever performances and interests.
  • Developing true conversational turn-taking, and further use of speech and chit-chat.
  • Recognising outcomes and how to record-keep.

How much does it cost?

  • £200 per person
    Discounts are available for early bookings and participants of the online taster workshop

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