Intensive Interaction in Action Video on USB


Intensive Interaction in Action – a series of videos originally on DVD and now available on USB

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Intensive Interaction Coordinators & Associates explain how to do Intensive Interaction

11 videos showing Intensive Interaction in child and adult services and at home


  • Introduction: the Fundamentals of Communication
  • How To Do: Intensive Interaction Coordinators give detailed advice with video examples
  • Sam: Amandine & Julie discuss in detail the interactions with a six yr old
  • Julie-Anne: beautiful interactions with a person with complex needs
  • Dennis: a man with autism living in an adult service
  • Jessica: Miray tells the story of the journey taken by her and her daughter
  • Ned: a little boy with autism in a special school
  • Dylan: Intensive Interaction in a residential care setting
  • Jemima: Coordinator Julie supports Jemima and her family
  • Tom: Intensive Interaction with a boy with autism who can speak, read and write
  • Further Information: courses, website, books, resources and social media

Warm, enjoyable, crucial activities with people who have autism or severe, profound and multiple learrning difficulties
Video footage recorded by practitioners and parents in real-life situations using camcorders

Produced by Dave Hewett & Graham Firth

Video Editing: Dave Hewett

Original music by Ray Stroud

Running time: 110 mins approx