Autism and Intensive Interaction Video on USB


Autism and Intensive Interaction – a series of videos originally on DVD and now available on USB

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Expert practitioners describe and explain the approach’s aims and techniques, with input from professionals, parents and carers giving examples of Intensive Interaction in practice

10 video chapters of Intensive Interaction information, including why this approach is so important for people with autism, how to do Intensive Interaction and showing real-life camcorder footage of practitioners and parents.


  • Why & How? expert practitioners talk about the aims and techniques
  • Luca: Paula discusses Intensive Interaction technique while watching her video
  • Autism and Intensive Interaction: experts share their views
  • Two Schools: beautiful films from Australia and discussion of Intensive Interaction activities
  • Dylan: a man with autism living in an adult service
  • Tom: Tom’s mother relates how clever Tom is. He speaks, reads and writes, yet he needs Intensive Interaction
  • Rainbow Class: an autism specialist resource within a primary school
  • Mads: Intensive interaction in Denmark with a young man who finds life very difficult
  • Grace’s Story: the progress Grace has made is described by her parents and her teacher
  • Further Information: courses, website, books, resources and social media

Intensive Interaction has changed the lives and daily experiences of many people with autism

This gently dynamic, naturalistic approach focuses on the development of social communication – focuses on reducing the effects of central impairments

It helps the person learn to connect and relate, do turn-taking, make eye contact, use and understand facial expressions, develop vocalisations and speech, to enjoy connecting and relating with other people

Produced by Dave Hewett

Video editing by Dave Hewett

Running time: 115 mins approx