Intensive Interaction Institute - Introduction Course

Meeting the fundamental communication needs of people who have severe learning difficulties and/or autism

Target Group

A one day course which will be of interest to anyone who is involved in the care, support or education children or adults with learning difficulties and/or autism, including social services staff, teachers and assistants, nurses, staff from voluntary organisations, therapists and indeed parents and other carers.

Course Aims

The focus is on the communication needs of people with severe learning difficulties and/or autism who are still at early levels of development as communicators. This may be people who have not achieved use nor perhaps understanding of speech and language. It may also include people with autism who speak a great deal, but who could still develop more ability with the the ‘Fundamentals of Communication’ – eye contacts, use and understanding of facial expressions, taking turns, psychological and emotional connections with another person etc.

Intensive Interaction is an approach where the member of staff is seen and the main resource, using personal qualities of face, voice and body language to involve the learner in progressive sequences of enjoyable and relaxed interactie activities. During the natural flow of these activities, communication facilities are practiced and developed.

The course will include small and large group-work and extensive use of video examples. Comprehensive handouts will be given. Course members should expect to work in a warm, humorous and supportive atmosphere.

Course Programme includes

· The development of Intensive Interaction
· How people learn to communicate and relate in infancy
· The fundamentals of communication
· The principles of Intensive Interaction
· How to do Intensive Interaction
· Organising work on Intensive Interaction
· Record-keeping and documentation
· Issues: age-appropriateness, challenging behaviours, physical contact, teamwork, ethics, emotional bonding/professional objectivity

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