Adult Services Documents Pack


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The Intensive Interaction Documents included on the existing Resources CD are listed below

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The Adult Services Documents Pack is being updated. We are out of stock of the original printed packs.

The Resources CD is still available and includes electronic versions of all the documents.

You can buy the the Resources CD at a reduced price of £50.

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Here is the list of Intensive Interaction Documents included on the existing Resources CD

  • The Story of Intensive Interaction
  • Recognition and Endorsement of Intensive Interaction
  • ‘Meaningful Two-Way Communication’ Rationale Document
  • Rationale and Guidelines: Intensive Interaction in Practice
  • A Statement concerning age appropriateness and developmental appropriateness
  • Guidelines for the Use of Touch/Physical Contact
  • Intensive Interaction and Video Recording
  • Intensive Interaction and Care Quality Commission Outcomes
  • Intensive Interaction Recording and Support Plan Sheets for Adult Services
  • A Rationale for Creating an Interactive Environment
  • ‘Strengths & Needs’ Analysis and Planning for Intensive Interaction
  • The Intensive Interaction Service Development Schedule
  • Intensive Interaction: Published Literature & Information Resources Document
  • Intensive Interaction FAQs
  • Intensive Interaction: The Published Research Summaries Document
  • A Glossary of Intensive Interaction Terms